Welcome to the Norwegian Emission Trading Registry

If you do not speak Norwegian and want to submit an account application in English, please send an email to the registry administrator (kvoteregister@miljodir.no).

Access your account in the Registry?

Log into the Union Registry.

Reminder to Account Holders: 

Rules for the Union Registry are specified in the Registry Regulation (Regulation EC No. 389/2013). Below are some helpful reminders.
In the Registry, the following restrictions on transactions apply:
  It is not possible to make a transfer from one holding account (both operator and person holding account) to accounts not on the "trusted account list"

In the Registry, the following delays apply:
26-hour delay on transactions from a holding account to a trusted account (also applies to transfers between accounts that have the same owner)
7-day delay on adding account on trusted account list
No delay in transfer from trading account to a trusted account

See the FAQs about the Registry on the European Commission website.


About the Registry

The Norwegian registry is administered by the Norwegian Environment Agency.The Norwegian Emissions Trading Registry is part of the EU's Union Registry where all the national emissions trading registries in the EU ETS are technically consolidated. This means that all national registries are now using the same software. The European Commission owns and operates the system.

Entities not covered by the ETS in Norway may apply for an account in the registry.The Agency opens accounts for all ETS covered entities. To apply for an account (non-covered entities) or to access an account (for covered operators), the account application form must be filled in and sent to the Agency. In addition, the necessary documentation must be submitted, as specified in the User Agreement.The account application form and User Agreement are available in the top menu on this page.

Account activation and access to the Registry requires that all terms and conditions of this User Agreement are met. Account Representatives acknowledge that they understand the User Agreement by signing the application form. Note that the user agreement is updated periodically

Det norske kvoteregisteret 

Miljødirektoratet, Postboks 5672 Torgarden, 7485 Trondheim  | Tlf: 95 20 46 67 | E-post: kvoteregister@miljodir.no